Over Seeding

Over Seeding Revitalizes Your Tall Fescue Lawn

Eventually, every Fescue yard gets worn out and slows down its growth and reproduction rate. Over seeding helps you keep it thick, green, and lush while inhibiting the growth of weeds. Young grass is strong grass, better able to resist disease and weeds.

If your Fescue yard needs aeration, you can double the effectiveness by over seeding afterward. This combination of processes will help your yard absorb more oxygen and water, which makes new seeds germinate more easily. Otherwise, a seed slicer machine may be the most efficient way to get the job done, if you’re over seeding an area that’s larger than a patch here and there.

The two best times to over seed Tall Fescue are fall and spring – but the fall is by far the better choice. Autumn’s cool nights and milder daytime temperatures provide an ideal environment for your new grass to germinate. If you aerate and over seed in the fall, the winter’s moisture levels will ready the new grass shoots for quick growth when spring comes around. In the spring, we’ll do an application of pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer. Your newly revitalized lawn will thrive all summer long, strengthened against the stresses of use, climate, and pests.

Over seeding would happen naturally if you never mowed – your grass would go to seed. Since that’s not an appealing option for most homeowners, over seeding is the best way to keep your yard from growing old and weak. One other advantage many people don’t consider is that with the improvements in grass variety development, each year when you get your yard over seeded, you introduce these new, stronger, more drought- and disease-resistant varieties into your lawn.

No matter what time of year you call Greenleaf Lawncare, we can evaluate your lawn’s health and schedule you for an aeration and over seeding service when the time comes. We will also advise you on what type of seed will work best for your yard, to help it grow stronger and healthier than it’s ever been. Call 864.242.9615 to get one of our experts out for a professional assessment of your lawn’s health.