Mole Control Protects Your Lawn from Tunnels, Your Plants from Destruction

Not every yard needs mole control services, but if your lawn is tracked through with tunnels, and your plants’ root systems becoming damaged, you need help. Moles lurk underground, especially active during spring and fall or after heavy rain. You’ll know they’re in your yard when you see mounds of dirt being pushed up to the surface, sort of like mini-volcanoes.

While they have one bright side – they eat grubs and other insects – moles are considered pests because of the destruction they can cause to your lawn and the plants in your landscaping beds. You may never see the moles, but a pro can help identify them by the mess they leave behind. The moles in your yard may make shallow tunnels that are easy to tamp down with your shoes, and deeper tunnels that are more permanent. Destroy a tunnel, and the moles will rebuild it within days. Their tunnels are not only unsightly; they can also make mowing your grass a challenge. While these tunnels will not destroy your lawn, they sure will make a mess of your landscaping and ruin the overall appearance of your grass.

There are many different ways to get rid of moles in your yard – some more effective than others, some more humane than others, and some speedier than others. Depending on how bad the mole infestation is in your yard, the experts at Greenleaf Lawncare may recommend a humane trap, other device, spray, structural changes, or even the planting of certain types of flower bulbs to encourage the moles to find another home somewhere else. There are many wives tales circulating, especially online, that suggest a wide range of remedies for moles in your yard – the vast majority of which do not work. In fact, the only truly reliable method for mole removal is to physically trap and remove the pests.

If you’re tripping over mole tunnels and want mole removal services, call Greenleaf Lawncare at 864.242.9615. We’ll inspect your lawn, determine whether you have a mole problem, and propose the best solution for your situation. You’ve worked too hard to cultivate a healthy, beautiful yard to have it ruined by unsightly tunnels. We can help.