lime applications

Lime Applications

Should You Lime Your Lawn? Ask the Greenleaf Lawncare Pros

Simple lime applications for your lawn can make a huge difference in the health of your grass. Our upstate soils are acidic. Too much acidity ties up valuable nutrients in the soil making them unavailable to your plants. Fertilizers and even tree leaves that fall contribute to increased acidity levels in your yard. An annual application of a maintenance level of lime will help keep soil Ph at proper levels. Additionally higher amounts of lime can be applied as needed to correct Ph imbalances in the soil.

You’ve probably seen weekend warriors out liming their yards – and if you’ve never done a lime application, you may be wondering whether this is a good idea for your own yard. Lime applications involve spreading a compound of pulverized limestone, essentially a mixture of calcium carbonate or magnesium with other micronutrients.

Do it yourselfers agree: Lime applications are messy. The dust can blow all over the place. If you get lime pellets, the mess is less, but you must wait for irrigation or rain to dissolve them and disperse the minerals into your yard in order to decrease the acidity of the soil. Lime applications don’t yield results overnight. Changing the pH levels of your yard’s soil can actually take several months to accomplish. The application can be done any time of the year, but is frequently done during the winter so you will have time to see and benefit from the results during the spring and summer growing seasons.

The lawncare experts at Greenleaf Lawncare can run an evaluation of your yard and make recommendations about whether your lawn would benefit from lime applications, and how frequently the applications should be made. Even more convenient, we will handle applying the lime to your yard, saving you time and the hassle of dealing with such a messy element.

As your soil’s acidity levels become better balanced, you’ll find gradual improvements to your lawn, including:

• Your lawn fertilizer treatments will become more effective as the grass becomes more receptive to the extra nutrients.
• Fewer weeds will thrive in your grass, as weeds prefer growing in acidic soil.
• Less thatch build-up.
• Better, stronger root development of your grass.

If you think your lawn might benefit from lime applications, call Greenleaf Lawncare at 864.242.9615 before you do anything else. Lime works wonders in maintaining your soils proper Ph. We’ll steer you in the right direction, and add lime applications to your regular maintenance schedule as part of your overall lawncare program.