Grub Control

What’s Eating Your Lawn? Greenleaf Lawncare Pros Go After Grubs

Grub control is all about stopping voracious beetles in their tracks, before they devour your grass. Japanese beetles and June Bugs burrow into your lawn’s roots lay their eggs that hatch into grubs and munch away, leaving brown, blighted areas that spread and die. The damage grubs can do to your lawn can happen quickly, and the only way to stop them is with professional grub control treatments.

Greenleaf Lawncare’s grub control treatments stop grubs where they start. Beetles lay eggs which hatch as hungry larvae. The larvae eat their way through your lawn’s roots as they grow, damaging all the grass they nibble on along the way. Their favorite meal begins as thick, healthy grass and ends up as loose, rootless, wilted brown patches. Grubs alone would be bad enough, but the damage they cause gets even worse because many other animals eat grubs and destroy your yard trying to get to them. Even a cold winter can’t rid your yard of a grub infestation – they will just burrow deep into your soil to hibernate until spring, returning full-force and hungrier than ever.

Grub control helps stop the damage these insects cause, and if applied as part of a routine maintenance plan, can even prevent them from taking over your yard in the first place. Prevention is always more effective and less costly than cure, and will keep you from having to replace large bare spots in your yard.

Greenleaf Lawncare’s grub control services can help you stop this menace before it starts. With properly timed treatments, you can prevent grubs from hatching, maturing, and eating their way through your lawn. Because in its early stages, an infestation is invisible, you don’t want to wait until you’ve got large bare spots in your yard before you take action. As with most projects around the home, prevention is much easier and less expensive than repair – with grub control, it’s no different.

Call 864.242.9615 for an assessment of your overall lawn health, and we’ll even check for signs of grub damage. Greenleaf Lawncare’s experts will get your yard onto a regular schedule of prevention and treatment to keep it healthy, strong, and lush year-round.