Fungicide Protection

The Heat and Humidity in the Upstate Makes Fungicide Protection a Must for Your Healthy Yard

Fungus is tough to beat – that’s why fungicide protection is critical for any healthy lawn in our area. Our hot, humid climate is the perfect breeding

Complete fungicide protection means a combination of following lawn maintenance best practices and keeping up with scheduled lawn applications from early spring through the end of summer. Each fungicide protection application should last about three weeks. The trick, applying fungicide is most effective when it is done as a preventive measure rather than waiting until your lawn is suffering the visible effects of an outbreak. While we can help your yard recover even if it’s already struggling, by getting onto a preventive maintenance schedule, you will ultimately save yourself the trouble and expense of battling a full-blown fungus problem in your yard.

To help prevent a fungus or other disease outbreak in your lawn, be sure to mow properly. This means keeping your lawnmower blade sharp and clean. Mow frequently at the proper height. Never mow off more than 1/3 of the grass at any one time. Either bag your clippings or use a good mulching mower, because leaving the clippings on your yard in big piles creates an ideal environment for fungus and disease to take hold and spread. Proper watering (or not watering) is also very important. Just because the grass is brown doesn’t mean it needs more water. Diseases that will turn the grass brown thrive in wet soil. Check before adding more water.

Just one advantage of trusting Greenleaf Lawncare for your fungicide protection and lawncare needs is that we’ve served the Upstate area for over 10 years. We’re familiar with the challenges you face in your quest for a beautiful lawn, and we know just how to beat them. Our fungicide protection plan will help you achieve a lush, healthy lawn you and your family will enjoy all year long. Because we keep track of when your lawn is treated, you don’t have to – you can trust we will stay on schedule to keep your yard protected.

If you’ve begun to see patches of discoloration in your yard or suspect you may have a fungus growing in it, give us a call at 864.242.9615. We can help you determine what sort of fungus is taking over your yard and how to eradicate it before it spreads.