flea and tick program

Flea and Tick Control

in the Upstate of South Carolina

It’s no wonder our Upstate, SC clients rely on our Flea and Tick control services. Our mild winters and hot humid summers are perfect breeding grounds for fleas and ticks. Protecting your pets from flea and tick infestations is a year round endeavor. Fleas and ticks can carry dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease that not only affect your animals but humans also, particularly the young and elderly. Even if no one gets sick from these insects the potential from bites can keep you and your pets from enjoying the outside landscape you’ve worked so hard to provide.

Greenleaf’s flea and tick control service is designed to work in concert with your pet’s flea and tick treatments as well as any indoor treatment you may be doing. Treating just the animals or inside the house can leave a big opening for fleas and ticks to avoid those treatments, then re-infest as the treatments wear off.

The Greenleaf Flea and Tick treatment will include an insecticide for the entire exterior of your property. This includes beds and natural areas, play areas and even behind sheds and garages. Many clients will schedule our exterior flea and tick application in conjunction with having the pets treated or the inside of the house to insure a complete eradication. Our treatments are guaranteed to last up to 3 weeks. Then a preventative maintenance schedule can be set up to help maintain a barrier around your property to keep fleas and ticks from re-infesting.

Flea and Tick control is just another value added service we provide for our customers to help them enjoy yards that are healthy, beautiful and free from pests. We follow all the best practices in the lawncare industry, never take short cuts, and have built a reputation for reliability. No wonder so many home owners in the Upstate of South Carolina trust Greenleaf Lawncare to help them care for their lawns.

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