Fire Ant Control

Rids Your Upstate, SC Yard of Fire Ants

All it takes is one encounter with fire ants and you’ll see why so many of your Columbia, SC neighbors trust Greenleaf Lawncare for fire ant control services. The venomous sting of fire ants is made worse by the sheer number of bites any victim gets by accidentally stepping into a hill or other infested area.

Fire ant bites itch, hurt, and blister, and can be dangerous to people and pets. Fire ants swarm on any intruder in an attempt to protect their queen. Even though their mounds are usually easy to spot, they can be all too easy to stumble into, a mistake that is rewarded by dozens of bites at a time.

Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to battle fire ants on their own using dangerous homemade solutions – or using products they bought at a home improvement store. The problem with these applications is that they don’t work, and they may include chemical combinations that are toxic.

Greenleaf Lawncare’s fire ant control services, in a single application, can protect your yard for a whole year. The treatment kills fire ant colonies and makes your lawn a place fire ants don’t want to live. When they travel through your yard or forage for food there, the ants carry insecticide back to the colony, spreading it to the other ants and their queen.

Not only will our fire ant control put an end to these mini-monsters’ takeover of your yard, but it will also help control other ants, fleas, ticks, and even mole crickets for the coming months as well.

If you see the telltale dirt mounds that point to a fire ant infestation in your yard, call Greenleaf Lawncare right away. We can treat your yard with fire ant control as part of our regular service, or provide just this service by itself. Either way, we are here to protect your family and pets and rid your yard of these biting pests once and for all. Call 864.242.9615.