Disease Control

Your Yard’s Disease Control Plan Begins with Knowing How to Spot Problems

Effective disease control for your yard in the Upstate begins with knowing the signs and symptoms that your turf is under attack. There is a wide range of lawn diseases, including brown patch, rust, spring dead spot, and others that can leave your yard in bad shape.

Disease can spread quickly through your lawn, leaving even the most beautiful and lush looking yard devastated, sparse, and sickly. Turf diseases can hit any time of year, so it’s important to stay aware of the health of your yard.

That old joke about watching grass grow being a measure of boredom has it all wrong! By keeping watch over the condition of your grass shoots, you can head off yard diseases before they take over. Look for discoloration, spotting, lesions, rotting in the roots or crowns, and matting; they are all signs your yard needs disease control treatments.

Some diseases your yard may be susceptible to are common in the hot, humid climate we call home. Many are caused by over-doing the Nitrogen-based fertilizers, mowing incorrectly, or over watering. Different grass varieties are vulnerable to different diseases, and while some recover fairly quickly, others require more aggressive treatment to become healthy again. The most dangerous time of the year for your grass is during warm weather with frequent rainfall and high humidity levels. Some lawn diseases begin in the fall and show no symptoms until the next spring, when you’ll find circular areas of dead grass which don’t green up like the rest of your yard. Disease can hit lawns that began with seeding as well as with sod.

Greenleaf Lawncare’s lawn disease prevention experts follow the industry’s best practices for fungicide and pest control application. We’ve determined the most effective intervals for applying these treatments, and gladly guide our customers into a schedule for regular service to keep their yards green, lush, and healthy.

If you suspect your lawn may have the early signs of disease, don’t delay – call Greenleaf Lawncare at 864.242.9615 now for help. Catch the problem early enough, and the treatment needed will be minimal compared with watching your entire yard struggle and die. Call now and we can get you on a treatment and preventative maintenance plan that will have your yard in top shape again quickly.