commercial lawncare

Commercial Lawncare

for your Upstate, SC business

If you’re involved with a business, church or apartment complex on a tight budget and in need of lawn care, we can help! Often volunteers are more than willing to help with things like mowing and pruning but consider the liability and safety of asking volunteers or even employees who are not properly trained to apply pesticides and weed killers. Not to mention the potential damage to property.

At Greenleaf Lawncare we work with many local businesses, churches, and communities by providing professional pesticide and weed control solutions at a fraction of the cost of full time landscapers. Consider the savings of our 7 application program vs. the landscaper who is going to bill you for 26 to 52 visits.

If you have the man power to handle the routine mowing and pruning, our programs can give your property the full time landscaper results at a fraction of the cost. And as always the Greenleaf professionals are available to answer any of your landscape questions to help you achieve the goals for your property.

Call or click here to have one of our lawn care professionals evaluate your property and develop a program that’s right for you!