Core Aeration

Lawn Aeration Builds a Strong Root System

Lawn aeration is one of the simplest ways to grow healthy, lush, grass that’s ready for whatever challenges the season brings. By removing plugs of turf and soil, aeration exposes your lawn’s soil to the air. The little holes that remain let more water and nutrients absorb into the soil, which results in stronger roots and a healthier lawn.

The soil in your yard can get compacted with use and heavy foot traffic. When the soil is compacted, it’s hard for air and water to flow among the roots, and they become weak. With regular aeration, the lawn treatments your lawncare service applies will be more effective, and you’ll also see a decrease in thatch accumulation.

Not every yard needs aeration, though. For some, the activity of earth worms and the natural cycles of freezing and thawing are sufficient for keeping the soil from becoming compacted. The only way to know whether aeration would help your yard grow healthier is by testing the soil and examining the root structure. Experts advise against aerating new lawns too soon, whether they were started from seed or sodded.

If your lawn would benefit from regular core aeration, the pros at Greenleaf Lawncare will perform this service one or two times each year. The frequency will depend on how compacted your soil is, what kind of soil you have, what kind of grass you have, and how your lawn is used. You can prepare for an aeration service by mowing it as usual, then watering it thoroughly but not excessively. Mark any sprinkler heads or other obstacles we need to see as we work, to keep them safe.

After we aerate your yard, you’ll notice soil plugs are left behind. Leave them where they are; they’ll decompose and be reabsorbed into your lawn as rain falls and your lawn is mowed. We will likely recommend a fertilizer application after aerating, as your soil will be especially receptive to all those nutrients then. For Tall Fescue grass this is also an excellent time to reseed your yard, especially in areas where your grass is thin. With regular aeration, you’ll find your yard becoming healthier than ever, and you’ll see visible results after only a couple of treatments.

Call 864.242.9615 for an appointment with Greenleaf Lawncare’s grass experts. We’ll help you determine whether your yard needs core aeration, and get you on the path to the lush, green, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted.