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The Top 4 Pests Pestering SC Homeowners (& How to Remove Them)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

If you take pride in a green, lush lawn, it can be infuriating to go outside and see it marred by insects, mole hills, and other flaws. South Carolina is home to many irritating garden pests that can keep your lawn from looking its best. Learn more about the worst ones and what you can do about them:

The Top 4 Pests Pestering SC Homeowners (& How to Remove Them)

1. Mole Crickets

You can tell that these pests are present in your lawn when you see roots disturbed and small hills of dirt and tunnels riddling the lawn. They tend to do the most damage during their nymph stage, which occurs between June and July. You can determine if they are present by flushing the affected area with a detergent solution, which will send them above ground. If you see two or more of these pests, treat with an insecticide. Unfortunately, mole cricket management is an ongoing effort and may be best dealt with by a professional.

2. Fire Ants

These stinging ants are a problem for South Carolina homeowners because of their painful bites and the unsightly mounds they leave in lawns. A small portion of the population is allergic to the fire ant sting, as well, which can lead to deadly anaphylactic shock. Fire ants can be controlled through the application of broadcast baits that the insects take into the colony and through the use of insecticide treatments that are applied directly to the mound.

3. Japanese Beetles

Adult Japanese beetles are voracious devourers of leaves and fruit. At the larval stage, they do equal damage to lawns. Eggs are usually laid in July and the larvae emerge around 10 days later. To protect your lawn against these pests, treat weekly with an insecticide that is made to handle Japanese beetles. You can also lower the population of adults with well-placed traps.

4. Moles

These four to eight inch furry pests dig tunnels throughout your garden and lawn. These tunnels are then inhabited by other animals and insects that can dine on your lawn's tender roots and cause disease and damage. Moles can be detected by the piles of dirt and soft spots they leave behind in your lawn. Removing moles is a job usually best left to a pest control expert. Our experts can also tell you more about discouraging them from coming back in the future.

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