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Never Again: How to Banish Crabgrass Completely From Your Lawn

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Even the most tenacious of weeds can be kicked off your lawn, if you know what to do.

Never Again: How to Banish Crabgrass Completely From Your Lawn

It's the bane of every proud homeowner's existence: crabgrass. This coarse and ugly intruder can show up in the best-maintained lawns. But, you don't have to let it stay.

Ready to pull out the flame-thrower to get rid of it for good? Try these tips instead:

Hand-pull Crabgrass When You See It

When you see crabgrass starting to pop up in your lawn, pull it out. By nipping the problem at the bud, so to speak, you can keep it from getting well-established. This works best if you pull the crabgrass early, before it has had a chance to release seeds.

Use an Herbicide – But Only at the Right Time

A pre-emergent herbicide that prevents seeds from forming can be the key to keeping crabgrass from colonizing your lawn. But it has to be applied at the right time to be truly effective. This won't be a specific date on the calendar; crabgrass's growing season will depend on local temperatures and rainfall. As a good rule of thumb, apply after the second time in the season you cut your lawn. To hit two birds with one stone, look for lawn fertilizers that include crabgrass deterrents.

There is usually about one to two week window when the herbicide is most effective. The soil should be at about 52 degrees. Once on your lawn, the herbicide can protect your lawn from crabgrass invaders for about 50 days. You may have to apply again in the summer if you have a particularly bad crop of crabgrass growing. Having a neighbor with a huge amount of unmanaged crabgrass can also mean that you'll have a new crop come up over the summer, as well.

Start Over From Scratch

Are there patches of your lawn where you just can't seem to get rid of crabgrass for good? Your best bet may be to dig out the offending plants by the root and reseed or re-sod. Just bear in mind that you should not try new seed if you have put a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn within the last two months. This sort of herbicide will prevent your desired grass seeds from germinating just the way it keeps crabgrass seeds from sprouting.

Hire a Service to Keep Crabgrass in Check

No time for the constant vigilance needed to keep crabgrass at bay? Bring in a professional. A professional and dedicated lawncare service like Greenleaf can fight and defeat crabgrass and all of the other issues to keep your lawn healthy and green.

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