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My Lawn Has Turned Brown with Colder Weather – Is This a Bad Thing?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

So your grass is looking a little worse for wear; is there any fall lawn care secret that can save it?

My Lawn Has Turned Brown with Colder Weather – Is This a Bad Thing?

When the weather gets colder, plants and lawns are always the first to be affected – that’s one reason fall lawn care is so important. You see it in the changing color of the trees, the leaves falling onto the lawn, and grass going from vibrant green to crunchy brown. Although your lawn may look dead, chances are that it’s just a normal period of seasonal dormancy.

Grass can go dormant in a number of different situations. Drought is a common condition that causes grass to go into a type of extreme survival mode. Although it may look dead and brown at the surface, the crown roots of the blades are likely still alive.

Winter is not only a dry season; it’s also a cold one. Brown grass is evidence of a lawn that is conserving energy. Most lawns only go through a temporary window of browning – it is estimated that grass can only survive in this condition for 6-7 weeks before it starts to experience serious lasting damage.

When spring arrives, most lawns will reemerge healthy on their own – look for signs of new growth after about 10 warmer days. In the meantime, try to avoid too much foot traffic or any other physical stress on lawns that are already struggling to survive.

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