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How Much is DIY Lawncare Costing You?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trying to save money by doing it yourself? Here’s what that’s really costing you.

How Much is DIY Lawncare Costing You?
Nowadays, everyone’s looking for more ways to save money, and taking care of your lawn and landscaping yourself just seems to make sense. You are saving all the money from hiring a professional, after all. Right?

As it turns out, doing all of your lawncare yourself has a bunch of hidden costs that you may not be aware about. Read on to discover where you’re burning the money you think you’re saving.


Want a healthy, happy lawn? Even most basic lawncare requires the right chemicals, and those chemicals cost money. Things like weed killer, lawn fertilizer, and more can make for a very large bill each month. Lawncare chemicals that you buy yourself can cost anywhere from $10 to $50, depending on what grade, strength, and more that you need.

This means that it is difficult to save when buying your own chemicals.


As any first-time homeowner has learned when they start having to take care of their own lawn, lawncare equipment adds up quickly. To do your own lawn work, you’ll need things like tillers, weed eaters, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, edgers, and more. This can end up putting your bills into the thousands if you buy quality products that are going to deliver professional results.

Time and Effort:

Our final cost is much more personal: the time and effort you’re going to put into taking proper care of your lawn. Every lawn needs at least weekly maintenance to stay in good shape. This means weeding, mowing, cleaning up, and more every week, just to make your yard look great during those hot summer months.

How valuable is your free time to you? Doing all of your lawncare yourself can mean putting aside plans for the weekend, setting aside time to work, and even neglecting other housework to keep your yard in tip top shape. Sure, you can save yourself some time by working less on your yard, but you won’t have the great-looking yard you want.

So ask yourself: After a long week at work, with the free time you could be spending with friends and family, do you really want to be working on the lawn?

Overall Cost:

So how much does all this DIY lawncare end up costing you? Taking into consideration all these hidden costs, the average homeowner is spending hundreds each month in time, effort, and money to clean and maintain their yard.

Still think you’re saving a lot of money? If you’d rather put your money toward a professional and really free yourself up for your free time, give us a call at 864.242.9615 or contact us via our website. You might be surprised what kind of professional lawncare you can get for your budget.

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